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    A simpler program that I use is OrbitEl by the late Dave Ransom.
    I use version 9333 - I have memory problems running later versions under Windows XP.
    Here is my .bat file:
    REM You can configure Windows Explorer 'Open with' to include
    REM this command file as an option for .tle (or .txt) files.
    REM With used options, Orbitel will read a 3-lines TLE file,
    REM add apogee x perigee (km) on the line 0 (name line)
    REM and add names from the ORBITEL.XRF file in the TLE folder.
    REM Without any parameters it will run interactively - use F4 (or F2 for info)
    REM I have not been able to use later versions without 'Memory overflow'
    cd /D %~p1
    E:\Bjorn\Bin\Orbite93.exe %~n1%~x1 /N/U/o/X
    rem /I/E/M0400     in later versions only ?
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    --- On Sun, 1/17/10, Tristan Cools <> wrote:
    > I have just a request to make as I am not a computer
    > programmer: Is
    > there a program available somewhere which can add the
    > perigee apogee
    > parameter to one or more elsets issued by Spacetrack
    The program called element manager can do that.
    I have placed 2 files on my site.
    You need to click on the link, in order to download them.
    The files needed to install the program, are in the below zip file.
    An update to the program is below
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