Unusual short lasting 'contrail' seen over Canberra, Australia

From: Paul Floyd (p.n.floyd@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 17 2010 - 06:42:00 UTC

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    Just wondering if anyone can help with the following.
    At about 5.05 pm Australian Eastern Summer Time today, I have looked
    up and seen a very short (maybe 10 degrees long) 'contrail'. I watched
    it for a couple of minutes and it rapidly dissipated over that time.
    It dissipated in a swirling manner.
    I am wondering if there have been either any reports of either a small
    air burst of a minor planet or a satellite entering the atmosphere
    above Canberra?
    I figure I would ask and look silly for asking rather than not asking.
    My reason for doing so is the rapid dispersion of the trail and it's
    shortness. The contrail was orientated approximately North South. This
    is also approximately where a major flight path is over Canberra for
    high flying jet aircraft - so that is the most logical explanation.
    I will post an image on my blog at
    Paul Floyd.
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