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From: Ralph McConahy (
Date: Wed Jan 13 2010 - 15:56:08 UTC

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    Edward S Light wrote: 
    >>I recently got the use of a PC at work (where I normally 
    >>do not use PCs) running Windows XP and have tried 
    >>unsuccessfully to run Skymap [Matson's], Obsentry, and 
    >>Iridflar.  It's obvious that something besides the 
    >>aforementioned executables is/are needed for the 
    >>graphics to work but I'm at a loss to know what. 
    The ANSI.SYS that comes with XP is incompatible with SkyMap. 
    Here's an old SeeSat post (mentions WinME, but the issue is the same for XP) 
    Note, the link is that post for getting ANSI.COM is no longer valid, you can get it here:,2817,5343,00.asp 
    I created a batch file for running SkyMap. Part of it contains the lines:
      \util\ansi /q  [starts, in my case it's located in the \util\ folder, the "/q" is for "quiet" meaning it doesn't print anything to the screen]
      skymap %1 [runs SkyMap, the %1 allows me to pass a config file name to it in the command line]
      \util\ansi /q /u [after I end SkyMap is terminated and uninstalled (/u), freeing up the memory where it previously loaded]
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