Could this newly discovered asteroid actually be an apollo stage or other manmade object?

From: George Roberts (
Date: Mon Jan 11 2010 - 20:56:01 UTC

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    13th mag object with orbital period of 1.00 years passes .34 lunar distances 
    from the earth tomorrow night.
    Apollo stage?
    - George Roberts
    RE. M.P.E.C. 2010-A59 Issued 2010 Jan. 11, 15:43 UT
    A short note to say that at last after a rather long wait, a newly
    discovered object (asteroid?) has been found that will brighten to 14th
    magnitude or possibly brighter and which will shortly pass within about
    0.34 lunar-distance of the Earth. Perigee is around January 13 12:30 UT
    at a solar elongation of about 100 deg after which time within a few
    hours it will move to low solar elongation, fade very rapidly and become
    unobservable. However, before that happens it will put on a good show
    both tonight (Jan 11/12) and especially tomorrow night attaining a max.
    brightness of about V=13.8 on Jan 13 at 10:00 UT when it will be moving
    at about 10 arcsec/sec.
    The object is about H=27.0 and strangely has an orbital period of 1.00
    yr (Is it man-made I wonder). If it is a natural object then it may be
    about 10 meters across.
    Richard Miles
    Director, Asteroids and Remote Planets Section
    British Astronomical AssociationRE. M.P.E.C. 2010-A59 Issued 2010 Jan.
    11, 15:43 UT
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