geosync flasher

From: Joseph A. Dellinger (
Date: Fri Jan 30 2009 - 07:16:57 UTC

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    	While shooting asteroids happened to catch a relatively
    bright flasher East of the belt of Orion, at about RA 6 hours
    and Declination 0. It didn't appear to move that I could tell,
    so my guess is it's a geosynch flasher. At 12:22AM local time
    (06:22 30 Jan 2009 UT) it was flashing to about magnitude 1.5
    every 46 seconds or so. Over the next few minutes the flashes
    were fainter and fainter. I'm at the George observatory,
    29 22 30 N, 95 05 37 W, near Houston TX. Any guess what that was?
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