Optical 25 Jan 2009 from the northern hemisphere

From: T V I (tvinvestigations@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: Mon Jan 26 2009 - 10:29:27 UTC

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    Conditions here good above 35 deg elevation , but below , just where I wanted to look , haze and mist coming up off the river Mersey.
    However I managed to see all but a handful of  geosats between 19 degs east and 11 degs west.
    All rather dim by comparison to Gregs reports....The arc here never goes above 30 degs , so always in the "murk"
    Noticeable was DSP - 23 , again flashing , this time I measured a variation of between 12 and 14 minutes.
    The Astra 1 group showed a nice " counterclockwise" rotation ....perhaps  my imagination , but I get the impression the satellites are more tightly packed  of late.
    Greg ,tells me he observes in his shorts and basks in temps of 20C plus......I have half a dozen layers on , a thick scarf and hotwater bottle stuffed up the back of my jacket in temps down to mins 5/6 C , luxury  !  .....  :O)
    > (2) Conditions not very good - low fast moving cloud and
    > gusts of wind
    >    prevented me from using long exposures- eventually had
    > to give up
    >    but I got what I wanted. Was using 5-10 seconds to
    > expose to reach
    >    magnitude +16
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