New 3D program for Visual Satellite Tracking

From: satrack\@libero\.it
Date: Sat Jan 03 2009 - 01:02:46 UTC

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    My name is Simone. Since November I am interested in satellite
    tracking, particularly in the study of the Iridium Flares.
    I am writing because I am currently developing a 3D software for satellite 
    tracking that, I hope, might be of help in the visual satellite observation. 
    When finished, I would like to make it available for free on the internet. 
    Since my interest in the satellite tracking just started a few months ago,
    your comments will be of great help to evaluate the work and to decide how to conclude it.
    would anyone of you like to test the program?
    The main features are:
    - 3D/2D plotting
    - Satellite and Orbit plotting
    - TLE Orbit Input
    - Up to 1000 satellites simultaneously plotted (Constellation Capability)
    - Earth Globe/Map plotting with countries (Ground Track Capability)
    - Star and constellation Plotting in 3D/2D view  (about 90000 Stars. Up to magnitude 10)
    - Sun and Moon plotting
    - Satellite track projection on the sky (Sky Chart Capability)
    - Sun lit / Shadow plotting
    - Real time capability
    - Iridium Flares visually plotted (plot of the light ray reflected by the main mission
    antennas. Both the sun and the moon can be used as light sources)
    The Help file is not yet available, but the user interface is quite user-friendly.
    At, present the employed algorithm for the orbit propagation is the SGP1,
    however, in most of the cases, the results are quite acceptable for predictions 
    up to 1 or 2 days since epoch. I plan to include SGP4 only in the future releases.
    If anyone of you is interested in testing it, please feel free to contact me
    at the mailbox: (or by ICQ: 464459791)
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