Re: USA 193 item on Dutch radio tonight

From: Brad Young (
Date: Tue Jan 29 2008 - 16:10:55 UTC

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    Marco wrote:
    > It was quite interesting to note that we as amateur 
    > observing community appear to have more information about this satellite than 
    > the professional interviewed (he actually started by suggesting it was likely 
    > one of the Keyholes coming down and I had to start by correcting him on that).
    I appreciate the info; one of my clients in Rotterdam may be able to translate the gist to me. Probably OT but while I'm here - there is a VAST amount of mis-information in the media here about several current astronomical phenomena in the states. Between Mars larger than Moon in December (as it is every opposition), our doom tonight via asteroid TU 24 and the spy satellite that is falling from the sky, science is taking a back seat to Chicken Little again. Good Luck, Marco, hopefully you can inject some reason into the discussion.
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