Re: News reports on 'spy satellite' deorbit

From: John Locker (
Date: Sat Jan 26 2008 - 22:19:18 UTC

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    Well well , this could get a bit embarassing couldn't it.
    I reckon its USA 193 Daniel , although I could be wrong ( usually am ! )
    I imaged the satellite last September and again a few weeks ago at 500 
    The first time I saw it ( Range 340 km )  I reckoned that I should have seen 
    the solar arrays ( assuming it had conventional panels) ( Note 
    I have added the panels in this image )
     ....but there was no sign. (Actual 
    image )
    I assumed from that they were never deployed as contact was lost very soon 
    after launch.
    Estimated size of object was 4 - 5 metres or so.
    In December I caught a high elevation morning pass.
    This time the range was down to a little over 300 km ( Actual orbit height 
    295 km )
    Notice again , no sign of solar panels.
    Of course the array could have been in shadow , but I suspect it just isnt 
    there , having failed to deploy.
    In December I commented that 193 could well re enter within a few 
    months.....but I suspected the DoD might intervene and "remove" it !
    After the uproar over China's destruction of Fenguin 1C would the USA really 
    risk destroying another satellite in orbit .... even at a much lower and in 
    theory safer altitude?
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    > I have seen a few reports on the net about a satellite that is now out
    > of control and will probably re-enter in the next month or so.
    > Do we know which satellite this is?  It would be interesting to keep
    > an eye on it.
    > Daniel
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