Re: The MMTO Camera

From: Björn Gimle @GlocalNet (@GlocalNet)
Date: Sat Jan 26 2008 - 10:31:00 UTC

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    Using an elset from 20070818, no doubt it is the Soviet Glonass 
    satellite Cosmos 1593 #15259 84-095 A at 19500 km range.
    If other observers find/found it flashing again, we might get
    valid rotation axis and panel orientation to predict flashes.
    (Note the flash period appears to be quite long)
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    >I can't seem to let this go!
    > I'd actually like help in identifying a specific object.  It seems to
    > appear at about 23:49 in the South at around 30-40 degrees in
    > altitude.  The object flashes regularly and stays visible for roughly
    > 1/2 hour, never getting out of the 'Southern' part of the sky.
    > Link again to the video is here:
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