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Date: Sat Jan 26 2008 - 07:23:40 UTC

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    G'day Tony, I am a mug at this satellite spotting game but I have a slight 
    history I saw Sputnik in 1957 so its a long time between drinks so to speak.
    We down here at the other end of the Earth for a few days over New Year have 
    been seeing the same effect, a stationary blinking light moving very slowly 
    amongst the background stars. We identified it as BeiDou 1D a Chinese 
    geostationary satellite for their own GPS system.
    We believe it is rotating and reflecting sunlight around 10-11pm our time. 
    If you go to this site you should be able to find it. We are at nearly 33 
    degs south latitude and 152 degs E. We see it at 40-50 degrees up. The 
    BeiDou-1D is 5 degs each side of the equator. Try it mate.   Regards,  Col. This is a great site. Let me know how you 
    get on?  Regards,  Col.
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    >I can't seem to let this go!
    > I'd actually like help in identifying a specific object.  It seems to
    > appear at about 23:49 in the South at around 30-40 degrees in
    > altitude.  The object flashes regularly and stays visible for roughly
    > 1/2 hour, never getting out of the 'Southern' part of the sky.
    > Link again to the video is here:
    > If there is somebody out there that has a few minutes to help me out
    > in the identification process, I'd appreciate it.
    > <the co-ordinates of the MMT observatory from the Astronomical
    > Alanac are: latitude 31deg 41.3 minutes , longitude 110 degrees 53.1 W
    > and height 2608 meters
    > Tony Beresford>
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