space trucks "Progress- M": one - from the orbit, another - to the launch

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Date: Mon Jan 21 2008 - 13:19:45 UTC

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    According to
    21.01.2008 Space trucks "Progress-M": one - from an orbit, another - yo the launch.
    Tomorrow, on January, 22nd, after the completion of experiment "Plasma-Progress" conducted
    by RKK "Energya" named after S.P.Korolyov onboard the transport cargo ship (TGK) "Progress
    TGK will complete its stay in orbit. Taking into account possible changes the conclusion
    of TGK "Progress M-61" from the orbit is planned at 22:41 Moscow time 19:41 UTC
    (reserve date on January, 23rd, 2008). The fire-proof fragments of TGK will fall in
    the assigned region of the water area of Pacific Ocean. Assumed time of a drop is at 22:52
    Moscow time
    19:52 UTC
    Today, on 21 January, at the spaceport Baikonur continues the work on preparation for the
    launch of space rocket "Soyuz"
    with the cargo transport ship "Progress M-63".
       Today in the assembly and testing housing of area 112 calculations of federal space
    center "Baikonur",
    main enterprises also in the baykonur branch of Samara "QSKB- Progress" approached the
    works with the rocket "Soyuz-U". On the carrier rocket, as reported by Oleg Urusov-leader
    press-service of FKTS "Baikonur", are carried out the pneumatic tests of the blocks of
    first stage.
    Aboard the cargo transport ship "Progress M-63" is conducted performance checkout of solar
    batteries (the "gating of solar batteries") and disinfection of water and servicing with
    it system
    The launch of space rocket "Soyuz-U" with the cargo transport ship "Progress M-63" are
    planned at16:02:50 Moscow time *13:02:50 UTC * on February, 5th, 2008.
    Cargo ship will deliver to the international station of propellant component for
    maintaining the orbits, the scientific equipment,
    the expendable materials, oxygen and foodstuffs for the crew of the 16th basic expedition.
    By Roskosmos press-service
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