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From: B Gimle @ComHem (@ComHem)
Date: Wed Jan 16 2008 - 07:53:25 UTC

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    Using SkyMap SGP4/SDP4, ten elsets Dec.18-Jan.14
    show surprisingly consistent predictions.
    Elsets 2-8 show culmination due west 1-4 mins before the 
    latest elset, within +- 0.2 degrees of elevation.
    (SGP gives -4/+8 min spread for those eight)
    Only the Dec.18-23 elsets show larger deviations.
    It is not listed in SATMAG.DAT, QUICKSAT.MAG nor Mike's RCS
    Using SpaceTrack RCS, SkyMap estimates about +12 for your pass.
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    > ...
    > This is one of those "ultra-deep space" objects that shows a
    > large difference in ephemeris output depending on whether the
    > TLE propagator does (or does not) apply deep-space perturbation
    > offsets at epoch.  In the case of the Saturday AM perigee pass,
    > I found that the two methods give a similar path among the
    > stars, but with a large time difference (over 11 minutes!).
    > Has anyone actually observed OGO 1 to see which approach is
    > correct?
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