Re: lights over San Diego on New Years (OT)

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Sun Jan 13 2008 - 13:56:13 UTC

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    Leo Barhorst schreef:
    > Perhaps they were small hotair balloons with a light (small candle) inside.
    > We have had sightings of UFO's over here in the Netherlands that turned out
    > to be groups of these small balloons (lampions).
    > Can also explain their dissaperance in the distance and not over the 
    > horizon.
    I agree with Leo, the footage plus description ("almost amber colour") looks 
    very similar to such small paper hot air balloons. Someone should check wether 
    the sightings are consistent with the wind direction at that moment.
    We are getting several reports of these "Thai" hot air balloon a month here, 
    they are very popular in Holland the last 1-2 years and have resulted in a spade 
    of "UFO" sightings. I actually saw one on last new years eve myself. They can 
    travel quite a distance and reach quite high altitudes.
    - Marco
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