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Date: Thu Jan 10 2008 - 12:49:13 UTC

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    gprichard <> wrote:
    > Hello everyone,
    >      Applying my (very) limited Russian to the Russian Mission Control
    > website I am led to the conclusion that Progress M61 will be
    > de-orbited on 18Jan08 (Moscow time?). Do I have this right?
    >            Gordon
    Accordong to
    Progress M61 will be de-orbited on Jan22nd at 22:06 MT *e.g. 19:06 UTC*
    = = =
    10.01.2008 Experiment "Plasma-Progress" will be prolonged till January, 22nd
    In connection with prolongation of experiment the "Plasma-Progress" spent
    RKK "Energy" name after S.P.Korolev onboard the transport cargo ship (TGK) « Progress
    М-61 », TGK will continue the stay in an orbit till January, 22nd, 2008 In view of
    possible(probable) changes conclusion TGK « Progress М-61 » from an orbit is planned at
    22:06 Moscow time on January, 22nd, 2008 (Reserve date – on January, 23rd, 2008).
    Fireproof fragments TGK will fall in preset area of water area of Pacific ocean.
    Prospective time of falling is 22:50 Moscow time.
    Experiment "Plasma-Progress"
    (The supervisor of studies: technical science doktor V.I.Lukyashchenko)
    The used equipment:
                - Regular impellent installation TGK "Progress";
                - Ground means of radio observation - a radar of not coherent dispersion of
    Institute of Solar-terrestrial physics of the Siberian branch of the Russian academy of
    sciences (town of Irkutsk).
                The purpose:
                Definition of existential dependences of density of a plasma environment of
    the space vehicle arising at work on its board of liquid rocket engines.
                - Definition of parameters (reflective characteristics, the sizes, density,
    etc.) the large-scale plasma formations arising at work of engines of
    correction and engines of positioning and orientation TGK "Progress" at a various
    orientation of jets of engines concerning a direction of movement space craft (KA).
                - Adaptation of physical model of formation of a plasma environment around KA
    with reference to TGK "Progress".
                - Research of interaction formed around nizkoorbitalnykh KA plasma
    formations with coming ionosfer a stream and a sunlight.
                - Carrying out of the analysis of influence of exhaust jets Power Unit on 
    radio shape
    law orbit KA by comparison of reflective characteristics TGK "Progress" at working
    and idle engines.
                Expected results:
                The forecast of parameters of plasma environment ISS during the periods of
    regular work of engines of different draft and in case of supernumerary emissions of gases
    and plasma.
                Results of experiment:
                Reception of reflective characteristics TGK "Progress" under various
    conditions of performance of experiment.
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