UARS............collision ???

From: John Locker (
Date: Wed Jan 09 2008 - 15:15:41 UTC

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    Hi all,
    Towards the end of last month there were a number of articles about the 
    possible demise of UARS after the guys in the mountain attributed four 
    pieces of debris to the satellite.
    As far as I know the orbit of UARS has not altered significantly and this 
    morning prior to  an aborted attempt to image ISS , I managed to catch the 
    satellite as predicted by HA ,between clouds
    (We had very strong gales here last night with heavy rain , but actual 
    seeing was good )
    The resultant image is nothing spectacular , but does show an object about 6 
    or more meters across with a definite fact it is possible to 
    see the
    gold coloured array and what appears to be the bus.Direction of travel left 
    to right
    Is there any other supporting evidence to suggest UARS was involved in an 
    orbital collision ?
    COSMOS 1275 was muted as the culprit.
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