Fast 1x ID

From: Steve Newcomb (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2008 - 05:30:50 UTC

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    STRELA R/B     03055B   28099 was the unknown seen approx. 3 mag moving 
    fast, .91 degree/second 10 degree under Dubhe, alpha ursa major, at 11.22.15 
    UTC Jan. 4, 2008.
    I normally do not observe in morning, but was outside before work taking 5 
    minutes to watch for meteors. Saw one.
    I also normally do not report unknowns that I have identified unless they 
    are a first time sighting for me. This object is fast and bright. It has an 
    apogee of 226 miles and a perigee of 206 miles.
    On Jan. 15, 2005 when I observed this object it had an apogee of 267 miles 
    and a perigee of 232 miles.
    When will it come down? Later I will dust off SatEvo to find the answer.
    Lat. 39.4707 Lon. -79.3388 Alt. 2753 ft.  -5 UTC 
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