Say what, here I thought I observed the Horizons 2 geo sat , guess not

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2008 - 17:55:18 UTC

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    The other night, I observed what I thought was the Horizons 2 geo sat. I assumed it was, but seems
    it wasn't now.
    The geo sat, I oobserved was between Brazilsat B2 ( 23536 ) and Brazilsat B4 ( 26496 ). where the
    tle placed it.
    But spacetrack is saying, Horizons 2 is 32388. And it's still listed in geo transfer orbit !
    32390 which I thought was Horizons 2, is being called the ARIANE 5 DEB (SYLDA).
    If it's not the Horizons 2 geo sat, then what the heck did I observe, the WGS satellite. The geo
    sat was bright, and easy to see. 
    I am under clouds, so I can't observe that new geo sat.
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