Re: Galaxy 11 nice and bright, XM3 not seen, Milstar 6 seen

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Jan 30 2007 - 09:53:15 EST

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    I forgot to say, I was using my video camera at the end of the scope, with focal reducer, to view
    the geo sat's last night. So I wasn't using normal way of viewing the geo sat flare's, from PAS 1R
    ( 26608 ) Inmarsat 4-F2 ( 28899 ) Milstar 6 ( 27711 ) Milstar 1 ( 90023 ) as I call it.
    The other night I did see ANIK F1 (  26624 ), flare up, as it has them solar concentrators, using
    my normal way of viewing. So to my illogical way of thinking, that it's either the solar
    concentrators causing the flare, are the solar concentrators are increasing the amount of sunlight
    that reflects off the solar panel, thus causing a flare. See I told you I was illogical:)
    Are it being caused by some other surface. I just find it weird that the Boeing HS702 one's with
    the solar concentrator are the only one's flaring up. The boeing HS702 all have similiar stuff on
    the spacecraft main body, yet only one's with the solar concentrators are giving a flare. But
    being illogical, lets me see stuff like the milstar and Inmarsat 4-F2 flares, which I think is
    being caused by the big main spacecraft body. 
    I didn't see XM3 ( 28626 ) , using the video camera at the end of the scope, like I could for
    Galaxy 11, as XM3 don't have no solar concentrator.
    --- Björn Gimle (GlocalNet) <> wrote:
    > Kevin,
    > again you are omitting information important for other observers to make use 
    > of your posting.
    > If the angle of the solar concentrators is not 45 degrees, there are two 
    > more directions for specular reflections.
    > Thus it is very important to know the time and/or phase angle when you 
    > failed/succeeded.
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