Re: WAAS satellite ( INMARSAT 3-F4 ) moving Feb 1, to 142 degrees West

From: Jim King (
Date: Tue Jan 31 2006 - 13:49:52 EST

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    The GPS ephemeris is broadcast as part of the GPS data stream. GPS 
    satellites change orbits, as well as having old satellites retire and 
    new satellites activated. A GPS receiver with a fixed pre-programmed 
    ephemeris wouldn't be useful for very long, if at all.
    Jim wrote:
    > Kevin said (in part),
    > "INMARSAT 3-F4 ( 24819) currently at 54 degrees West, is been moved to 142 
    > degrees West. This satellite is part of the WAAS system, which is used to 
    > broadcast correction data to GPS users. It will be fun to watch it move on, the 
    > GPS receiver display.
    > Kevin and others,
    > I thought that the position of the satellites as marked on the GPSr display was 
    > taken from an ephemeris that was programmed into the GPS receiver by the maker 
    > of the unit. If it is than the WAAS should not move in the display. If the data 
    > is modified by what the satellite sends out then it should.
    > Anybody know for sure about this?
    > Tom  Iowa  USA 
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