RE: Rockets with changing mean motion

From: Brad Young (
Date: Tue Jan 31 2006 - 12:43:58 EST

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    Mike McCants said:
    > Object 17590 (87-27B, Cosmos 1833 rocket) - Object 23412 (94-78B, GEO 
    > IK Rk)
    > There is a chance that these objects are now tumbling.
    Observed both items last night using 10x50 binocs (initially 1x on 17590
    since it was ~3.5 mag) in excellent clear skies. Had only one slight "glint"
    from 23412 - at 6.0 mag instead of steady 6.5 mag observed slowly declining
    to 7.0 at end. 17590 was steady throughout until I was distracted by a
    northbound UNID (Monitor-E/SL-19, 27840, 03-31A), one of four UNIDs last
    Also observed 28188 (04-8B, EutelSat W3A Breeze Tank) as an easy 1x object
    in Taurus and Gemini, up to mag 3.0 until finally ShI in Lynx low in NE.
    What a sight! - but also steady light.
    Brad Young
    +36.1, -95.9
    Tulsa, OK USA
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