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From: Rob Hardenberg (
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 05:54:26 EST

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    I'am observing reflections from a unknown satellite on radio. Maybe someone 
    on seesat group can help me to indentify the satellite. The question seams 
    OT to the the seesat group, but the expertise on this mechanism is the same 
    as visual observation. The satellite has a very typical reflection pattern; 
    I think its tumbling. The object is propably a rocket booster because they 
    have a high RCS value.
    Here is the data:
    My location: Eindhoven The Netherlands 51.438N    005.375E  antenna is
    pionting Azimuth 260 Elevation 15 degrees. Antenna -3db receive angle is
    about 30 degrees
    Radar Location: Lake Kickapoo 33.563N   098.792W   the satellite must be
    passing at 91,4 degrees Azimuth seen from the radar to cause a reflection.
    observation data:
    20060111 20:51 - 20:53 UTC
    20060122 00:24 - 00:25:30 UTC
    receiving pattern:
    Rob Hardenberg
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