Bright satellite observations

From: Leo Wikholm (
Date: Thu Jan 12 2006 - 14:00:14 EST

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    Here are some observations about easy bright satellites.
    GRACE 1 (27391) was observed on December 13 and 14. The maximum brightness was 
    +0.5 magnitude on Dec 14 at 2:19 UTC. Mostly that object was at magnitude +2.5.
    ISS (25544) was observer twice on Jan 8 at 14:06 UTC and at 15.40 UTC. First it was at
    magnitude +4.5 and during later pass brightness was at magnitude +1.1.
    SL-8 rkt (28910) was observed several times in the beginning on January. On Jan 8 at
    16:16 UTC the object was at magnitude +3.5. Flashing period was 2.2 seconds. Later at
    18:08 UTC brightness was +4.2 magnitudes and flash period was 2.13 seconds. Third 
    observation was made on Jan 10 and flash period was 2.02 seconds. The satellite was
    visible at magnitue +3.2.
    All of these observations were made by Antero Olkkonen in Finland, Heinniemi,
    +61.42N +27.48E and 83 meters above sea level.
    Leo Wikholm
    Ursa Astronomical Association
    Satellite and Rocket Phenomena Section
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