Wanted Flare Observations of Lacrosse Satellites

From: Philip Masding (zen32156@zen.co.uk)
Date: Mon Jan 09 2006 - 15:46:35 EST

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    I have been observing Lacrosse satellites recently with an LX200, camcorder 
    combination. I have had some success in resolving them and I was trying to 
    interpret what I see.
    My best model to date is 2 panels attached to a central body. My images 
    clearly show 2 panels which are sometimes perpendicular to the velocity 
    vector and sometimes parallel to it. Equivalent to XVV and YVV modes for the 
    ISS I expect.
    In December I observed a flare of Lacrosse 4 and I thought I could back 
    calculate the orientation of the panel that caused it, since I know my 
    location, the satellites location and the Sun's location.
    The result is encouraging. A panel perpedicular to the velocity vector and 
    inclined at 25 degrees to the Earth's surface. Now 25 degrees or thereabouts 
    is a common incident angle for a SAR antenna. So I assume it was the SAR 
    antenna that flared.
    I would like to test that idea for other Lacrosse satellites so if anybody 
    spots a flare please let me know with time and location of course.
    Philip Masding
    My Lacrosse results to date are here
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