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Date: Sat Jan 07 2006 - 00:20:11 EST

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    [I accidentally sent this only to Tony, when I meant to send it
    to the list. But since noticing my error, I have something to
    add, which is below the post]
    Thanks everyone for the ID.
    Although, I'm terribly confused on the date thing.
    I followed the sat for a few seconds, then realized I needed to
    look at my watch to get a time fix. It was 12:06:40 AM, Jan 6,
    local time, Pacific Time. So adjusting for UT, that makes it
    0806 UT, Jan 6. Right? This happened this morning/last night.
    As I write this, I have 8:28 pm local, jan 6. Just did a sanity
    check and looked at an internet time server to make sure I wasn't
    on the wrong date mentally. I'm ok.
    I don't have 15836 in any of the TLE's I have access to. Too
    bad or I could plot it myself and see how it matches the pass
    by Saturn. <hint hint> I remember it quite well as I was studying
    the star and moon positions. I'd never seen so many Saturnian
    moons before.
    Mea Culpa!!!
    I have discovered that I stated the wrong time. It should have
    been 08:40 UT instead of 08:05 UT. The mix up was due to having
    written down the time exactly as 12:40:06 as to when the sat
    appulsed a nearby star. In converting, I only saw 12:06 and
    converted that to UT, then subtracted one minute because that
    time was after I had follwed the sat for a short period past
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