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Date: Thu Jan 05 2006 - 11:12:48 EST

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    In the short run, and if you are within a few degrees of latitude from 
    observers, you can expect a satellite to flash whenever you see it close
    to the declination and R.A. where those observers did.
    In this case, Ed Cannon saw it Jan.01 at RA=02:10 to 02:50, roughly.
    He is at +30N - Brad Young (Dec.27) at +35N, fading from about
    RA 02:20
    The long observation times indicate the reflections travel along the 
    track, so it is not so sensitive to time/RA. But 0.5 degrees N or S
    (which makes about 4 degrees of latitude) the flashes would be fainter,
    or if there is a slight angular difference between the sat track and 
    path, the time/RA of the brighest flashes could be hours away in other
    Over time, the changing RA and declination of the Sun will cause
    similar changes. If observers (preferably from different latitudes)
    can determine the time/RA of brightest flashes over a longer period,
    I can determine the path of flashes, and even the flash cone angle,
    rotation axis, and its precession, to allow predictions for a longer 
    time, and flashes appearing in other parts of the orbit.
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    > Hello Group,
    >                    Please excuse the newbie question.  I can get the 
    > star =
    > charts etc. to track a near geosync over my location.............  How 
    > do I=
    > know  when the "window of opportunity"  occurs to see this satellite
    > flash=
    > ing?
    > Mark
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