Solar System Satellite Table Updates

From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Thu Jan 05 2006 - 02:03:01 EST

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    Today's issue of Nature features two papers and a news article about
    Pluto's big satellite Charon, with revised figures for its diameter
    (radius), mass, and semimajor axis from observations of a recent
    occultation. Naturally, these figures are now incorporated into the
    Solar System Satellites Table, available by email from me as a
    WordPerfect, Word, or PDF document--or all three if you like.
    Many correspondents have experienced difficulties with the Word
    version. Although cross-platform transmission doesn't help, I've found
    many things wrong with WordPerfect's WordPerfect-to-Word conversion,
    and I have fixed them using Word itself, so the Word version of the
    table should look a lot better now. You'd think the document would
    look the same converted from WordPerfect to Word. After all, both
    systems have pretty much the same features. But no-o-o-o! The raw
    converted document had mangled or missing superscripts, subscripts,
    special characters, fonts and font sizes, line and page spacing, and
    layout and orientation, and there were other annoying nastinesses. I
    finally went through the whole table manually in Word and fixed
    everything so that I got a proper printout using Word itself. Anyone
    who would like a fresh Word version of the table simply email me. It
    should look 100% better now.
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