Re: Satellite Glint or Lunar Impact

From: J. Thomas Jeffrey (
Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 13:16:06 EST

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    Space weather ( had something last week about NASA 
    researchers recording a meteor impact on the moon. Try checking the NASA 
    news page for this article. wrote:
    > While observing a 20 hour old thin crescent moon, I saw a bright, 
    > short, point flash which appeared to last between 1/10 and 1/2 second. 
    > It appeared to be 2-3 magnitudes brighter than the brightest portion 
    > of the visible arc of the Moon. I was not prepared for this! I did 
    > have the sense to mark the time - 23:57:45UT. Thinking back now, it 
    > could have been 23:59:45 - I may have misread the digital watch. The 
    > Moon was less that 2 degree up and was getting weak in the thickening 
    > haze. I made a note of the location of the flash relative to the arc 
    > and later determine the flash was in Mare Tranquillitatis most likely 
    > near the crater Ross or Plinius. This is a broad estimate since I 
    > could not see any lunar features. I lost sight of the arc as it faded 
    > away in the muck at 00:02UT still 1.3 degrees up.
    > The Moons position at this time was R.A. 19h 36m  Dec. -26d 58m.
    > Does anyone know if any satellite could have been nearby that may have 
    > caused a bright flash? There appeared to be no motion in the flash 
    > which was very short lived.
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Kenneth Drake
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