Re: another brightly flashing near-geosynch

Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 12:50:00 EST

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     	Last Friday evening while on my almost annual trip out to west Texas 
    (nicely dark skies among other things), I was at McDonald Observatory at one 
    of their weekly public star parties.  Some minutes after a flash had caught 
    the corner of my eye I turned my attention to the sky region where I thought 
    I had seen the flash and soon saw another flash.  Eventually I saw a series 
    of flashes that varied from +3 up to +0, with a 36.3 second period.  Didn't 
    have a clue what it was.  Last night after getting back home I deduced that 
    the flasher was either Superbird B1 (likely) or rocket body 96-034D (less 
    likely).  Now I know it was Superbird B1.
    92-010A  05-12-31 02:23      RF 1197   1.0  33  36.28 F'-,+0/+3->inv
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