another brightly flashing near-geosynch

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sun Jan 01 2006 - 04:17:47 EST

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    While following a LEO object, I saw a bright flash.  It was
    followed by another just over 72 seconds later.  Before long
    there were flashes every 36+ seconds, with the brightest at
    least as bright as +1.5, but then later every other one grew 
    fainter.  My predictions did not have a match.  When I got
    home Mike called with its ID:  Superbird B1, 92-010A, 21893.
    I timed it from 2:12:19 until 2:51:26 -- quite a long time 
    for such a bright one.  It's westward-drifting.
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