Re: Automating predictions

From: Wintermute (
Date: Sun Jan 01 2006 - 03:01:28 EST

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    Roger wrote:
    >>Each day I get compilations of TLEs from Space-Track
    >>and Mike McCants' What do you find best
    >>to automate these tasks?
    >>* Login to Space-Track
    >>* Get the whole-catalog zip file (a different name
    >>each day)
    >>* Maybe get the TIP upcoming decayers if there are any
    >>* Logout
    >>* Get Mike McCants'
    >>* Unzip these
    >>* Merge the TLE files into one big TLE compilation
    >>* Run the predictions using Rob Matson's Skymap
    >>I could do this all using batch files or Perl scripts,
    >>but would welcome any existing solutions!
    >You mention Perl, are you running linux?
    >I have a batch script that grabs what I want from  I just
    >run it whenever I want to update the list.  It just uses wget to retrieve
    >the data and dump it in a file.
    >I use gpredict for viewing the predictions.
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    You might have a look at this perl module:
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