List of Solar System Satellites

From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Sun Jan 01 2006 - 01:01:42 EST

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    List members might be interested in a little project I just finished
    as the old year draws to a close. Last week's issue of "Science"
    carried notice of an online article on new Uranian rings and
    satellites, and I realized that a few more solar system satellites had
    recently received names. Some searching of the Internet found a fair
    amount of information on the various newly named and discovered
    satellites of the solar system (in addition to the Sky & Telescope
    website, which I peruse from time to time), and I've condensed some of
    this information into a handy twelve-page document that one can print
    on three-hole-punched paper, say, and file in a three-ring binder for
    easy access.
    The document gives the latest names, designations, orbital elements
    (period, semimajor axis, inclination), visual magnitudes, diameters,
    masses, discoverers, and discovery dates for all 160 known natural
    satellites of the solar system's ten planets. This took more than a
    week of spare time--it's not an entirely trivial exercise to locate
    and format sometimes conflicting information from numerous different
    websites into a coherent table--and there are still a few rough edges
    and possible typos to fix, but on the whole it's a serviceable
    document. Anyone who would like a copy simply drop me an email and
    I'll send it (please specify Word or WordPerfect). Additions,
    corrections, and discussion always welcome off list. I'll be keeping
    it up to date into the foreseeable future as new information surfaces
    and new discoveries occur.
    For those to whom I sent copies of the Satellite Situation Report and
    update, I have a new short update file of catalogued objects from
    November 14 to year's end. I'll send a copy to anyone who wants one.
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