Re: Decay Forecast Cosmos 2332

From: Thierry Marais (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2005 - 05:16:04 EST

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    Hi list,
    As you can see from the timestamp of Harro Zimmer's message,
    his decay forecasts (and all other messages from him) experience a
    long delay to appear on SeeSat, undoubtly because of a technical 
    problem somewhere.
    Harro sent me and others his final analysis showing that the SCC decay 
    location is good but not the given time. I forward it there :
    1996-025A (#23853)Cosmos 2332
    SCC'S FINAL REPORT - prepared Jan 28, 18:09 UTC - shows the decay on
    28 January, 18:05 UTC +/-01 minutes (14.0N, 25.0E) descending over
    MPM+REENTRY delivers with the ELSETs 05028.543... + 05028.604... (SFX 085, ap 010)
    the decay on:
    28 January, 16:36 UTC +/- 10 minutes (30.68N, 23.76E) also southbound over
    SCC'S co-ords are correct. But the time for these data is 16:39 UTC - very near to
    my and the other predictions!!!  SCC'S given time is for a decay one rev later 
    and definitely wrong.
    BTW: Cosmos 2332 was a 2 m  radar calibration sphere ( m = 500 kg ). The decay
    showed - as expected - no dramatic changes of the ballistic coefficient during 
    last 24 hours before reentry.
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