Re: Cosmos 2332 decay

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2005 - 05:34:19 EST

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    Thanks, Denis (and Thierry),
    We are squeezed between high- and low pressure areas feeding
    clouds and snow over us, with occasional, seldom predicted, 
    holes in the cover. I noticed one two minutes before the very
    high morning pass, but didn't see Cosmos 2332 :-(
    In the evening, it was completely overcast, with light snowfall,
    but an hour after the pass I saw patches of the sky, then grey again,
    but the morning was totally clear, with -8 C.
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    From: "Thierry Marais" 
    > Denis Denissenko wrote :
    > > Thanks for the alert, Thierry!  Unfortunately it's complete overcast 
    > > here in Moscow after 20 cm snowfall last night.  Just in case I have 
    > > forwarded the message to three Russian astronomy mailing lists.
    > > But if the sat survives another orbit, there will be a great pass at 
    > > 16:28-16:35 UT over Norway, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, 
    > > Yugoslavia and Greece!  It's for Bjorn and Anthony. :-)
    > It very probably did this Europe crossing but above a continous cloud
    > cover, except perhaps a few holes over Greece. 
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