Fw: Cosmos 2332 decay

From: Robert Holdsworth (robbonz1@xtra.co.nz)
Date: Thu Jan 27 2005 - 13:25:43 EST

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    Cosmos 2332 is due to decay within 24 hours or so.
    I can safely relay this much information because it is in Calsky.
    All I can suggest is that observers monitor this object closely.
    I can say no more, and depending on how much Calsky or Heavens Above is 
    allowed to relay, I (and others) may not even be able to post such 
    information at all.   Therefore resulting in fewer  potential informed 
    observers to report for the benefit of authorities should it decay in a 
    populated area.
    (It is probably in OIG which I could relay, but my time is limited and  I am 
    making a point!)
    I have just discovered that while saying this I have missed a daylight pass 
    a short time ago, - as there were no trails in the sky when I checked a 
    couple of minutes late and the altitude appears too high for decay at this 
    stage I guess it hasn't decayed on this pass!
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