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Date: Wed Jan 26 2005 - 07:34:48 EST

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    There are some principles that don't just apply to DOS commands in a .bat 
    Many other scripting methods for program automation are built on using
    <program reference> [optional switches]   [ parameters]   [file paths\names]
    where items within <> [] are replaced by your own values (and <>[] removed)
    Unless the files are located in the "current directory", 
    they must be qualified by their full (or relative) path.
    For programs, they may also be in the system's or user's PATH.
    In Windows, you can create a xxxx.bat file (note that notepad may
    add a .txt extension, which is not shown by default, but you'll see that
    it becomes a text document instead of a MS-DOS Batch File.
    You can execute the file by (1)double-clicking it in the Windows Explorer
    or (2)right-click and select 'Open' in any File Open dialog, or (3)click 
    and 'Run' and type cmd.exe   (command.exe for some older systems), 
    or MS-DOS on the Start Menu, then type the name/path of the xxxx.bat file.
    In the command window you can also enter or paste the commands in
    the .bat file one by one.
    You can avoid including the path for the program and/or file names
    by first typing  CD /D <program or file path> in xxxx.bat or
    in your command window.
    cd /D D:\Bjorn\SatProg\xf6
    xf6 master        D:\TLE\\alldat.tle D:\TLE\mccants.tle
    xf6 master1.bg D:\TLE\alldat.tle D:\TLE\Alldat1.tle
    xf6 master2.bg D:\TLE\alldat.tle D:\TLE\Alldat2.tle
    xf6 master3.bg D:\TLE\alldat.tle D:\TLE\Alldat3.tle
    copy D:\TLE\Alldat1.tle+D:\TLE\Alldat2.tle+D:\TLE\Alldat3.tle D:\TLE\Alldat.
    st3.bat D:\TLE\Alldat.tle n d D:\TLE\AlldatBG.tle
    I use this because I want to produce several different extract files.
    (In my case I want to put reasonable names on most objects
    in the large TLE file, and have more than 3000 names in my
    personal master file)
    My st3.bat file sorts elsets on different values in the TLE entries.
    You can also start windows programs with parameters from
    a .bat file. You may have to use the 'start ' command if you
    don't know the physical path of the program.
    Also, the windows programs will not execute in sequence,
    just start "immediately".
    start iexplore http://www.teknikmagasinet.se
    start winword /p D:\Bjorn\SatProg\ELCOR\elcor.doc
    start iexplore "D:\Bjorn\SatProg\Space-Track User Agreement.htm"
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\WINWORD.EXE" /P D:\TEMS\LRF\Kurs\KursDoc\TRIPsök_ord_tecken.
    C:\WINDOWS\SOFTWA~1\Download\6CA7B3~1\iexplore.exe http://www.sr.se/p1
    > I have just downloaded this program from Mike's site but I cannot get it to
    > work - the problem being my own ignorance about how to get DOS programs 
    > work or indeed how to write a batch file.
    > I assume this needs a batch file with the command line in to run, but I 
    > the following messages:
    > "'master' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable
    > program or batch file."
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