OT? Binocular viewing advice

From: Stephen E Bolton (sbolton@nbnet.nb.ca)
Date: Wed Jan 19 2005 - 12:51:58 EST

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    I am enjoying the Christmas gift of a pair of Apogees 20X 100 binoculars
    (the model with the built in nebula filter).
    They provide a 3 degree FOV and the Chinese optics seem up to the
    undemanding standards of 20X. Jupiter, in particular, is striking with the
    main belts quite evident.
    Of course I am really looking forward to observing a few of the fainter sats
    and searching out the geosats with this tool. 
    The binoculars are far too heavy to use without a mount, and that brings me
    to the question.
    Does anyone have experience using binoculars of this size for viewing sats,
    and in particular which mount/ tripod might be best?
    Steve Bolton
    Lat 45.432N Long 65.976 W El 100 M
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