Possible new near-GSO secret sat

From: Michael Waterman (mike.waterman@web-hq.com)
Date: Fri Jan 14 2005 - 08:20:29 EST

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    I may have discovered a new near-GSO secret satellite, I cant match it
    with any known satellite.
    The story: I was looking for the near-GSO 82020A on 050112 and spotted a 
    bright sat flashing initially +5 each 58.5s. I timed 5 flashes, and made
    one position fix before the flashes were too faint to see. 
    Later that evening I found that it was not 82020A, and not a near-GSO object. 
    The motion suggested near-GSO, but high GTO was possible.
    I successfully located it on 050113, and recorded 13 flashes, 3 with 
    positions; the flash period was 28.84s initially, later only alternate 
    flashes were visible (ie 57.68s), similar to the period on 050112. It may 
    have been flashing before 2037 UT.
    I hope that someone can check whether it really is a new object, and if so 
    give it a provisional name and number.
    The following orbit uses 4 obs (ignoring the second 050112 alternative),
    it will be poor because the positions are close together in the sky.
    1 90000U 99000    05013.75705000  .00000000  00000-0  00000+0 0    02
    2 90000  10.5350   5.8600 0054500  70.1800 290.4067   .98971000    06
    The orbit period suggests it is no longer operational, and the inclination
    suggests it was abandoned at least 10 years ago.
    It is visible from Europe, Africa, and western parts of Asia.
    Positional observations, especially from observers not near me, would help
    determine the orbit. Tonight (050114) it will be visible near 84 Cetus
    (RA=02h 41m Dec=-0.7deg) from 2055(maybe earlier) to 2100, and about 15 
    mins later each day. Observers x degrees South of me should look about
    x/10 more North in the sky, and those x to the east of me should look 
    about x/10 degrees West.
    My observations are below, in OTWG and IOD formats.
    I am not sure which 050112 flash was the position, so there are 2 
    ALTERNATIVE positions below on 050112. The first one is more likely.
    9900000211505011220260828  100  13024553  -0021   004 5             +50   05850F
    9900000211505011220270666  100  13024553  -0021   004 5                         
    9900000211505011320381129  050  13024101  -0056   004 5             +50INV02884F
    9900000211505011320403578  050  13024325  -0043   005 5                         
    9900000211505011320423119  050  13024524  -0027   003 5                         
    Mike Waterman      mike.waterman@web-hq.com
    Site Yateley = COSPAR 2115 =  51.3286N  0.7950W  75m (reference OSGB36).
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