Re: Do we need a small TLE Format Change?

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2005 - 16:18:26 EST

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    > can annotate the TLE all you want. If you match the FOUO TLE, 
    > you
    > better have calcs ready for presentation and expect to be booted from the
    > Space-Track website.
    Since we have no knowledge of why the restrictions are being imposed, we can 
    only go on what seems generally reasonable(*).  If the powers that be at 
    Space Track decide to cut off someone's access for any reason or none, 
    that's their business and they owe no explanation to anyone.
    It should be pointed out that the US government, first through OIG and now 
    at Space Track, has been and is being extraordinarily generous in sharing 
    such information.  No other government or entity (other than the amateurs) 
    has made even the first step in such a direction(**) .
    (*) As an archivist, I would hope that Space Track would permit free use and 
    dissemination of TLEs of more than a certain age.  What "a certain age" 
    might be depends on their unknown goals and desires, but I'd suggest a year 
    or two old might be reasonable.
    (**) Most regrettably, IMO.  It would be good if Russia or, soon, France 
    were to be as enlightened.
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