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From: skywise (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2005 - 22:39:36 EST

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    Ted Molczan wrote:
    > skywise wrote:
    >>No TLE's of classified payloads.
    > If you re-read my post, you will find that TLEs of classified objects remain
    > on-topic.
    My mistake, I didn't read closely enough.
    ISTR in the past classified TLE's had been considered a no-no.
    "Don't want to help the terrorists" or some such non-sense.
    Well then, it's kind of ironic isn't it? We won't be posting much
    about unclassified TLE's, but there'll be plenty of discussion about
    all the "secret" spy sats and their orbital elements.
    Also, how will this affect Heavens-Above? Or do they get their TLE's
    elsewhere? I didn't find anything about it on the site.
    Besides, does this rule only apply to dissemination of the TLE itself?
    Or can you still disseminate pass predictions?
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