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Date: Mon Jan 10 2005 - 16:16:08 EST

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    I am soooo confused.
    A few days ago I posted my thoughts on Astra 1b.....which over the last 
    couple of months has been looking decidedly sick.
    I was soon corrected by a statement from SES , which indicated that there 
    wasn't a problem....and in fact looking at the TLEs for the group , all 
    seven satellites are nicley clustered around 19.2 east.
    That being so , how do we explain this
    Six birds in a nice tight group...but number seven . well out to the east 
    and still brighter than the rest.
    Latest TLEs do indicate 1B is at 19.31 image puts it at least 
    19.5 , if not further east.
    Any ideas ?
    (there's also an unidentified track above 1B yet to be investigated...)
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