Decay alert: NAVSTAR 49 R/B

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2005 - 01:04:43 EST

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    This (aka GPS 49 PAM-D R/B) is due to decay, and latest predictions are for 
    this to occur on 13 January UTC plus or minus 72 hours.
    This object is of particular interest to us and Australia as it has an 
    inclination of 38.8, and we have a number of passes including some near 
    perigee,  many of them in daylight. So the possibility of decay in this 
    region cannot be eliminated at this point..   (In fact Calsky is showing 
    possible decay very close to here.)  We are also expecting some respite 
    locally from cloud in one of the cloudiest summers on record, which have 
    made observation opportunities of any object extremely limited lately.
    This object has an RCS value just over 3, and appears to be well worth 
    1 26607U 00071C   05009.77494761  .06404625  41983-5  34766-3 0  2357
    2 26607  38.8089 134.9016 0438281 182.1081 177.7839 15.46459005107278
    New Zealand
    103 m
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