First loss of 2005 ?

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Date: Fri Jan 07 2005 - 06:05:12 EST

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    From my visual obs over the past  six weeks , I suspect that SES Astra 1B is 
    now irrecoverable , or at very least suffering major problems.
    I first noticed the increased brightness of the bird back on November 28th 
    .At that time , it was also well to the east of the rest of the group , so 
    whatever happened to it took place in early/mid November.
    Subsequently , I understand  all programming on that spacecraft was 
    transferred to other satellites in the fleet at 19 .2 east.
    I think amongst other things , SES may have had problems with pointing , 
    that might well account for the increased brightness.
    During this time TLEs for the Astras were a bit sparse , so it was pointless 
    trying to rely on tracking , other than visual obs.
    The latest TLEs for 1B ( day 360 ) put it at 19.24 east.... my last visual 
    obs were on
    December 19 ...when the satellite was certainly well out to the east , at 
    least 19.6 E
    Until further visual observations can be carried out it is difficult to 
    determine just where it now is .
    There has been no official word from SES....although I have mailed SES 
    Global today to see if I can get confirmation. / clarification
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