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From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Sat Jan 24 2004 - 22:57:50 EST

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    Significant changes:
    1) I don't precess the positions of the sun or moon from their computed J2000
    values (which appears to have been the wrong thing to do)
    2) Computed transit positions should be more accurate (to the extent that the
    TLE used is good - "garbage in / garbage out," as always), particularly at very
    low angles of elevation.
    3) The ISS changes from light-gold when sunlit, to copper when in shadow.
    4) Sun/moon transit positions are displayed as actual latitude & longitude,
    rather than as delta's from the ISS's position.
    To do:
    1) Current code only computes transits when the line from the center of the
    sun/moon to the ISS intersects the earth's geoid; with a little more work (i.e.
    version 2.1), I should be able to compute transits of the setting/rising
    sun/moon, as observed at sea level, on up to the height of Mauna Kea. (Actually,
    the highest site currently being monitored is at 3471 meters- one of 7 sites
    being monitored by Richard Clark of NOAO- which is somewhat lower than the 4206
    meters of Mauna Kea.)
    2) Add Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter "encounters" (i.e., where to observe the
    ISS occult/eclipse those planets, after sunset or before sunrise). Hopefully,
    this is also a relatively easy thing to do.
    3) Move everything over from my "old" 1 GHz Pentium 3 to my new 2.8 GHz Pentium
    4- for some reason, the Windows XP "Transfer Files and Settings" failed to
    transfer a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff ("of course," my server runs Linux, as well as
    the Oracle database, but it's just a poor 430 MHz Celeron).
    For those who like source code:
    If you've installed the executable version, it'll automatically update over the
    Internet, when you run it the next time.
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