Re: Argentine articles about 20 January reentry

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Thu Jan 22 2004 - 21:41:07 EST

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    New (brief) story with the headline, "They affirm that NASA 
    knew that the object was going to fall on Argentina" --
    Two other new (?) stories dated January 22:
    "Conmoción en Corrientes por la caída de chatarra espacial" 
    (Commotion in Corrientes due to the fall of space junk) --
    "Incidente espacial: serían los restos de un satélite italiano" 
    (Space Incident:  They may be the remains of an Italian 
    satellite [must be a story from the first day]) --
    The stories I've been reading just now seem to me to agree
    that it fell around 10:00 AM local time.  It was several hours
    before some firefighters got there, and even later when police
    arrived.  One story said that in one of the nearby places even
    the police station didn't have a telephone.  This is a remote
    rural area.  
    The most puzzling thing is the reports of a yellowish liquid
    draining out of it.  I think there was some rain during the 
    day before officials arrived, so maybe that can somehow 
    explain the liquid.
    Thanks very much to Luis Reggiardo for setting up the web 
    I was able to watch and listen to parts of two pretty good
    interview videos, but both of them stopped before they had 
    played completely:
    One sidebar of one article mentions that in April 2003 a 
    metal sphere 75 cm in diameter fell in a sugar cane field in
    the south of Guatemala.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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