Object re-entry observation 2004 Jan 16

From: Bruce MacDonald (bgmacdonald@tesco.net)
Date: Sun Jan 18 2004 - 07:03:30 EST

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    Whilst out in the back garden last night waiting for the Cosmos 1833 rocket
    body to pass I noticed what I believe to be a debris re-entry.  This
    observation is only vague but here goes:
    I first noticed the object starting from a point near alpha and omicron
    Cygni, and travelling NNW towards Draco. I estimate that it passed between
    zeta and eta Draconis at 19.46.37 before it burned up a moment later.  This
    is only a rough timing as it took me a few seconds to get my stopwatch
    The object was white, magnitude about -5 or -6.
    Did any other UK-based observers see this as well?
    Bruce MacDonald
    Devizes, Wiltshire, UK
    COSPAR Site 2751
    51.344042 N  1.984947 W 125m (WGS84)
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