Re ISS Saturn Transit.....Shadow entry.

From: John Locker (
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 02:50:37 EST

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    > It's hard to say (without writing a computer program to calculate it)
    > what "after shadow" means, because of the earth's atmosphere.
    I'd certainly agree with that Tom.
    When trying to follow the station looking through an 8x50 finder scope its
    really difficult to pinpoint shadow entry.
    On a number of occasions I have tried to keep both eyes open  , during the
    last stages of a pass , to try and judge when ISS is lost to the naked eye ,
    but still vis in the finder.
    The best example I have is
    ...... Here , I would swear that I lost ISS naked eye about 15 seconds
    before it disappeared in the finder , but of course without accurate timings
    , I can't be certain.
    I suppose the way to check is to run a VRML programme to compare  the
    attitude of the complex , as seen from the ground , as by shadow entry the
    station appears to have "flipped " over.
    Last night's Saturn transit/occultation  was a complete wash out , 8/8 cloud
    all day and through the night......   :O(
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