ISS saturn transit

From: John Locker (
Date: Sat Jan 17 2004 - 13:09:21 EST

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    Here's an interesting proposition , just a couple of KM away  from me......I
    wonder what the odds are of me
    getting a shot of ISS cutting across saturn ????
    (station will be in shadow )
    Answers on the back of a betting slip please  :O)
     23h35m29.68s ISS Crosses the disk of Saturn. Separation: 0.00d
           Position Angle: 178.2d
          Angular Velocity: 62.0'/s.  Transit duration: 0.00s
          Angular diameter: 42.9"  size: 73.0m x 44.5m x 27.5m
          Satellite at az: 196.7d SSW  h: 58.3d  dist: 432.2 km (in shadow)
          Satellite apparently moves to direction 268.0
          You are on the centerline of this transit!  Path direction:  96.5d E
          ground speed: 7.396 km/s  width: 0.1 km
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