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Date: Sat Jan 17 2004 - 09:17:02 EST

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    Fair enough, but I still have questions to all knowledgable (also to S&T and
    other magazines!)
    There are several disciplines in satellite+astro photography :
    Precision-guided telescopic images of deep sky objects
    Lunar and planetary photographs
    Solar and lunar transits by satellites - eclipsed or illuminated in lunar
    High/low precision or hand guided movies of ISS and other large satellites.
    Recording satellite tracks, or videos, for positional data.
    Ads and magazine reviews often concentrate on the first two.
    One article in S&T reviewing the PC164C and three more used neither the same
    optics, nor the same targets, to compare them, and didn't give comparable
    values for sensitivity for track photography - just (widely different)
    values for 'lux illumination'.
    There are also different kinds of hardware - CCDs, astro video, webcams,
    digicams ...
    So how do I evaluate price/perfomance (for the sat tracking discipline) ?
    I have an LXD-55 with Autostar for accurate (?) pointing, but what kind
    should I use - piggy-backed or prime focus or eyepiece view?
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    Subject: Re: Video camera for scope
    > I have a supercircuits PC164C video camera
    > I use a 50 mm F1.4 lens on it, to capure satellites passes.
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