Video camera for scope

From: Judy May (
Date: Fri Jan 16 2004 - 22:39:46 EST

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    An article caught my eye a couple months ago in Sky and Telescope
    that detailed a new breed of low light video camera made to be used on
    telescopes.  One such camera is the ASTROVID StellaCam II.  It occurs to
    me that this might be a good product for telescopic satellite
    observing.  I spent a little time looking at some ISS photo web sites,
    and was surprised that some of them do not go into detail regarding the
    camera used to capture their images.  Therefore, I am left wondering if
    they are using an astronomical video camera or not.
       I would like to receive some opinions as to whether listmembers feel
    this would be a good instrument for satellite imaging and viewing
    astronomical deep sky objects.
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